First Annual Patient Experience Index

Tracking U.S. Patient Engagement, Satisfaction, and Loyalty

The Patient Experience Index (PXI) was created to give medical groups actionable insights into the patient experience, which over the past decade has become increasingly consumer-centric. By tapping into the key drivers that shape consumer behavior – satisfaction, loyalty, and engagement – the first annual PXI reflects the shifting landscape of healthcare delivery in the U.S.

From initial provider selection process to the adoption of online patient engagement tools, almost 1500 patients across the U.S. weighed in on their entire patient experience.


Key findings include:

  • Are your patients eager to access their medical records online? What about their financial records?
  • How do Boomers (age 51-65) compare to Millennials (age 18-35) in using online patient engagement tools?
  • What prompts a Millennial to switch providers? How do Boomers compare?
  • Has technology interfered or improved a patient’s experience overall?


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