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Expert Insights: Drive Revenue and Efficiency with Telemedicine

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Meet the Presenter

Charlie Kolb, Chiron Health, Co-Founder

Charlie Kolb

Co-founder, Chiron Health

Charlie is an expert in telemedicine regulations and reimbursement. His mission is to bring telemedicine into the 21st century one practice at a time.

Telemedicine is used by medical groups across the country to increase practice revenue and efficiency – without increasing overhead. For years telemedicine has been a hot topic in the healthcare industry. This webinar takes a practical look at how physician practices can offer a modern, cloud-based telemedicine experience to their patients, all while improving their bottom line!

Learn how to:
  • Save time, improve the patient experience, and practice efficiency by adding telemedicine
  • Generate revenue without increasing overhead
  • Maximize reimbursement for video visits
  • Seamlessly integrate telemedicine into your existing scheduling workflow

About Chiron Health
Chiron Health is the only platform designed to get physician practices fully reimbursed for secure video visits. Our extensive knowledge of telemedicine regulation and reimbursement allows us to guide practices through the complexities of telemedicine. The result? Guaranteed reimbursement.

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