Telemedicine: Unlocking New Opportunities for Revenue & Access


Discover Best Practices + See New Revenue Streams Unfold

Meet the Presenter

Paul Chae

Paul Chae

Vice President of Product Marketing at CareCloud

Paul is the vice president of product marketing at CareCloud, the platform for high-performing medical groups. He is responsible for creating market awareness for CareCloud’s suite of market-leading solutions and for developing the positioning, messaging and go-to- market strategies to introduce new products to the market.

Telehealth won’t be replacing hands-on medical practice, but it does hold the potential to unlock medical access for more patients, both virtually and in-person. You’ve heard the infamous American Medical Association stat that 70% of doctor visits are unnecessary, and yet you also know that clinical time is in short supply.

You’ve also heard the promise of telemedicine for shifting non-critical care and how this benefits the entire healthcare system.

But how does it benefit your practice?  

In this on-demand webinar, we talk about the changes to the reimbursement landscape that have made it practical for physicians to offer telemedicine services, freeing up precious clinical time to see more patients.  

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn:

  • The current state of telemedicine and reimbursement
  • The clinical workflow for telemedicine
  • DEMO: How to easily schedule and manage telemedicine encounters
  • Telemedicine myths & facts

About CareCloud Telemedicine

Our telehealth solution is built right into CareCloud Central PM, with no additional software needed. If you already use CareCloud, you already have access, if not, getting started is easy. These encounters work just like in-person patient visits, allowing you to meet patients and chart in real time. The end result? You see more patients and submit more reimbursements in a single day. No up-front fees, simply pay for what you use.  


Telehealth is now more approachable - and profitable - than ever before.