Are You tracking the right metrics in 2017?

Meet the Presenter


Patti Peets

Director of Revenue Cycle Management at CareCloud

Patti Peets is an expert in revenue cycle management (RCM) with more than 20 years of experience working closely with medical practices to help them improve business processes and results. In addition to working for industry-leading RCM companies, she founded and ran a company for 12 years focused on RCM services for medical practices across the Southeast.

It's time to position your practice better in 2017.

Make data-driven decisions to improve results.

"Data." It’s a hot topic across industries—including Healthcare—but do you often wonder how to capitalize on it to improve your practice’s performance? In order to make analytics actionable for your practice, it’s critical to understand both what metrics to look at and how to interpret them.

Analytics will play a powerful role in the transition to value-based care and helping you evaluate practice performance, but narrowing down the right metrics to track–and how–can be difficult. In this webinar, Patti Peets, Director of Revenue Cycle Management at CareCloud, demonstrates how just a handful of key performance indicators can provide immense insight into both clinical and operational processes and resulting financial performance.

Watch and Learn:

  • What the top revenue cycle metrics are that your practice should monitor
  • How to use data to track your practices performance with value based care
  • How to tell if your billing processes are effective

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