A Comprehensive Guide to Remote Patient Monitoring
Enable Higher Reimbursements with Remote Patient Monitoring

CareCloud, Inc.

How Can RPM Help You Improve Your Profitability?

Because of the growing acceptance and use of telehealth, telemedicine, and virtual care, Remote Patient Monitoring is quickly becoming an integral part of modern healthcare. It is also a part of the value-based care and pricing model, which rewards healthcare organizations for providing high-quality medical care to their patients outside the traditional care facility.

By implementing a remote patient monitoring program, your healthcare organization will better understand your patient's health. Besides, your patients will feel more in charge of their wellness, and your practice will stand out to potential new clients while retaining the existing ones.

In this whitepaper, CareCloud explains how remote patient monitoring can help hospitals and medical practices in enhancing their revenue, including:

COVID-19 Telehealth White Paper
  • Understanding remote patient monitoring (RPM)
  • RPM market analysis, including factors incorporating the growth and challenges that might negatively impact it
  • Ways in which remote patient monitoring can enable higher reimbursements for physicians 
  • Overview of remote patient monitoring CPT codes  
  • How CareCloud’s RPM can help practitioners achieve added revenue stream  

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