Revolutionizing Healthcare Finances


Understanding the promise of tech- enabled RCM in transforming the outlook of medical billing

CareCloud, Inc.

How can RCM empower healthcare practices?

The concept of healthcare technology to improve health outcomes have existed for centuries. Revenue Cycle Management is a technology-driven solution that aims to provide a streamlined workflow of practice finances to boost performance and profitability.

Although the pandemic hastened the integration of financial technology in healthcare, continuous advances in technology, such as AI and RPA predict an upward trend in the popularity of this intelligent tech-enabled solution.

This e-book highlights the definition, function, utility, and benefits of tech-enabled RCM, along with current market trends and challenges, to provide a three-dimensional overview of the technology. Additionally, you can find the following:

  • Factors affecting RCM function
  • The RCM Process
  • How automation can make RCM efficient
  • Factors accelerating RCM demand

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“The new systems, processes, and workflow improvements have helped fuel our booming success and paved the way for continued growth.”

– Sherri Berwick, Office Manager, Dermatology Associates of the North County, California

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