How to Leverage Annual Wellness Visits (AWV) with CareCloud Wellness Suite

The Transition from Reactive to Proactive Care Delivery Approach

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How Can CareCloud Wellness Suite Help You?

With the help of our wellness suite, you can give your patients better care while generating revenue without using up add operational resources. A digital health suite of products called CareCloud Wellness encourages innovative procedures in the upcoming wave of medical care. Participate in the industry's transformational shift toward relational connections instead of transactional ones. It will also enable you to earn better with the Annual Wellness Visits (AWV) program by Medicare.

Patients won't be charged for this annual visit, which gives them a chance to get a personalized care plan to keep themselves well and healthy. At this appointment, they will be scheduled for any preventive services for which they are qualified so they know what they require.

In this whitepaper, CareCloud explains how healthcare practices can leverage annual wellness visits (AWV) with our wellness suite, including:

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  • Overview of annual wellness visits, eligibility criteria, and their associated costs
  • Compares Medicare coverage of physical exams 
  • Discusses the components in annual wellness visits and their coding 
  • Explains the billing and coding requirements for annual wellness visits 
  • Describes how our wellness suite can help you leverage AWV  

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