2019 Healthcare Readiness Checklist

Value-based care, practice consolidation, technology innovation, and patient consumerism are rocking the boat of the healthcare industry. New demands bring new opportunities for fast practices that can quickly get physician alignment around a strategy that will maintain physician autonomy and increase reimbursement, all while remaining compliant with ever-changing security and privacy regulations.

In this worksheet, seven experts in healthcare will outline opportunities to drive practice performance in healthcare for 2019, including:


New Year Resolution Medical Checklist

  • Patient collections and how to manage them
  • Changes to MACRA and other incentive programs
  • Being prepared for new CPT and HCPCS codes
  • Changes to specialty guidelines
  • Starting the year off with a user authentication audit
  • Reviewing security training programs
  • Starting off with good data

Download the worksheet to begin 2019 on the right foot!



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