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A Comprehensive Guide of RPM for Cardiology  

CareCloud, Inc.

Revolutionizing Cardiology Care with Remote Patient Monitoring   

How Can Cardiologists Benefit from RPM?   

Cardiology is a subspecialty of internal medicine focusing on treating heart and blood vessel disorders. Cardiologists are responsible for preventing, diagnosing, and treating different heart ailments. They may run some tests or perform procedures, such as an angioplasty, heart catheterization, etc. However, the healthcare dynamics are changing, and physicians must focus on providing value-based care. That is, they are required to take a proactive approach to treat chronic illnesses, such as CVD, aFib, and more. But many medical practices are stuck in a reactive state, which leaves their patients waiting for in-person appointments to get help for their medical conditions.  

In this whitepaper, CareCloud explains how remote patient monitoring can help revolutionize cardiology care dynamics by empowering cardiologists and patients, including:

  • Overview of the troubling situation of cardiovascular disease in the US   
  • Discussion on major contributing causes to chronic heart diseases  
  • How are gaps in cardiology care leaving people helpless?  
  • Challenges faced by cardiologists in ensuring quality care delivery  
  • How can RPM help cardiologists in delivering value-based care to heart patients?   
  • The ultimate solution for cardiologists  

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“The new systems, processes, and workflow improvements have helped fuel our booming success and paved the way for continued growth.”

– Sherri Berwick, Office Manager, Dermatology Associates of the North County, California

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