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cirrusAI Webinar 

CareCloud, Inc.

Partnering with Google Cloud, CirrusAI provides automated clinical data and real-time evidence-based recommendations. Join Kasey Cabello, Communications Manager, and Mindy Steinberg, Director of Solutions Consulting at CareCloud, as they delve deeper into this revolutionary tool transforming healthcare delivery.

The webinar touches on key points such as:   

  • How CirrusAI is enhancing patient encounters.  

  • Streamlining workflows.  

  • User-friendly interface.  

  • Customization options.  

  • How it provides quick, accurate patient information for tailored treatment plans.  

  • How the AI reduces documentation time, prevents errors, and improves financial performance.  

  • TalkEHR users can access CirrusAI free of cost, until the end of this year. 






Mindy Steinberg

Director of Solution Consulting,
CareCloud, Inc.















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