Get Started with CareCloud Connector. 

With CareCloud Connector, turn development project into simple activations. Our centralized platform helps you truly collaborate with healthcare providers.  

Why start from scratch? With our ready-to-use integration library, there’s no need to handle complex integration requirements for development back by enterprise-grade support that you need throughout the integration process. 


A true management tool for all your system integrations. 

Vendor agnostic interoperability to bridge healthcare collaborators in the following areas:


  • Lab Interfaces

  • EHR/Software Integrations 

  • Data Imports/Extracts 

  • Immunization Integrations 

  • FHIR Integrations 

  • CCDA 

  • EDI Integrations 

Connector offers a transformational integration & data management tool, designed to optimize operations and accelerate growth.