Dodge Denied Claims: Making Prior Authorization and Eligibility a Core Focus

CareCloud, Inc.

Due to COVID-19, your revenue lifecycle management and billing processes may be in a critical position. Are you confident that your prior authorization and eligibility verification process is leading you towards success? Adopt these simple enhanced eligibility tactics to avoid denied claims, increase revenue, and empower your staff.  

Patti Peets, our senior director of Revenue Cycle, is hosting this webinar to teach you how you can use prior authorization and eligibility verification to boost your cash flow. In this webinar, Patti will cover best practices for prior authorization as well as eligibility verification, key performance indicators for measuring success, and how to empower your staff to catch and correct denied claims. 

At the end of this webinar, you will have the opportunity to ask Patti any questions you may have about prior authorization, eligibility verification, and how it impacts your revenue cycle management (RCM)

In this webinar, CareCloud breaks down how medical practices can improve their telehealth strategies:

  • What enhanced eligibility can do to increase your revenue

  • Best practices for prior authorization and eligibility verification 

  • Which key performance indicators you can use to measure your success 

  • How to make your staff ambassadors for growth and avoid denied claims

  • CareCloud’s new Prior Authorization service

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