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A Comprehensive Guide of RPM for Nephrology 

CareCloud, Inc.

Transforming Nephrology Care Dynamics with Remote Patient Monitoring 

How Can RPM Help Nephrologists?  

In the process of shifting healthcare toward value-based care, there is a growing requirement for healthcare providers to be proactive in their efforts to treat chronic illnesses, such as CKD (chronic kidney disease). In this disease, the kidneys stop functioning properly. But most practices are stuck in a reactive state, waiting for in-person appointments with patients to gain an insight into their medical conditions.  

In this whitepaper, CareCloud explains how remote patient monitoring can help transform the nephrology care delivery by empowering nephrologists and patients, including:

  • Overview of nephrology and how many people are suffering from the disease  
  • How are gaps in kidney care leaving people helpless?  
  • Challenges faced by nephrologists in ensuring quality care delivery  
  • Why remote patient monitoring for nephrology?  
  • Value-based care delivery with remote patient monitoring  
  • The ultimate solution for nephrologists  

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“The new systems, processes, and workflow improvements have helped fuel our booming success and paved the way for continued growth.”

– Sherri Berwick, Office Manager, Dermatology Associates of the North County, California

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