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Breeze: A Revolutionary Patient Experience Platform


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CareCloud Presents Breeze


Meet our Presenters

Juan Molina, VP of Strategy & Business Development at Carecloud

Juan Molina

VP of Strategy & Business Development at CareCloud


Jessica Cousins, Solutions Consultant at CareCloud

Jessica Cousins

Solutions Consultant at CareCloud


Learn how Breeze will make your practice more modern, profitable and efficient

Today’s patients approach the healthcare experience with consumer expectations. They expect a modern healthcare experience with streamlined in-office experiences, online tools for ongoing interactions and seamless payment options.

Breeze is available across iOS, Android, Web, and Clover devices.

In this on-demand webinar, you'll experience CareCloud Breeze, a patient engagement platform designed to delight your patients and grow your practice.

In this on-demand Breeze demo you will learn:

  • The benefits of using a patient engagement platform to reduce paperwork and to simplify appointments, check-in/out, and collections processes
  • How to increase your patient collection rates with easy-to-use processes, estimates and payment options
  • How to eliminate no-shows with automated reminders and configurable pre-payments
  • How to reduce administrative overhead by uploading electronic intake forms directly to your PM or EHR
  • How all of these features roll up to transform your practice into the modern establishment your patients want through powerful apps and in-practice mobile experiences.