Can your PM do That ?!
What a patient-centric PM can do for your practice

Meet the Presenters


Daniel Sabido

Director of Product Marketing at CareCloud

Daniel Sabido has over a decade of experience working with leading organizations to identify, understand, and adapt to changing market environments as a consultant and marketer. He brings a global perspective, having worked in both the U.S. and U.K. healthcare markets, and a record of driving clear, actionable recommendations for his clients.


Sarah Hughes

Director of Product Management at CareCloud

Sarah Hughes is a product leader who believes great design means great business. She has a passion for helping others deliver awesome products to delight users. Having worked on both sides of the healthcare software spectrum, both with physicians developing ACOs, as well as in the healthcare technology space, Sarah works at CareCloud to help realize the vision of superb experiences across healthcare IT software.

Does this sound familiar?

It's a typical day at your medical practice: the phone is ringing off the hook with patients trying to book appointments, patients are sitting with clipboards filling out forms and the front desk is juggling all of this while also transcribing the forms. The truth is, practice management (PM) software is usually built to support payers - not patients. 

Can your Practice Management System do this?!

  • Help you see patients faster, with digital patient intake automatically populating your PM
  • Handle the full collection process, including payments from patients 
  • Embed 180m+ sophisticated billing rules & payer knowledge to help you get paid sooner
  • Save payment options & help you coordinate payment plans
  • Automate touch points with your patients including email and mobile notifications
  • Support plug-and-play apps to open up new revenue opportunities including a fully-integrated retail solution

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