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Data Migration Without the Pain
How Proven Techniques Can Drive Success

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David Botero

Senior Manager, Systems Integration at CareCloud

David Botero has over 15 years of professional experience in healthcare data integration, interface engineering, and business analysis. In his 8 years at CareCloud, he has been responsible for the integration of 85% of all patients currently in the CareCloud system. Today, he manages several cross-departmental teams that specialize in the procurement, preparation and importation of data from hundreds of different vendors.

Bad data is a part of every system, from small practices to complex healthcare groups. Incorrect data input, duplicate or mismatched entries, missing data fields, non-discrete data inputs and multiple systems all create inefficiencies and billing errors and are a potential source of errors in patient care. Data migration often elevates the fear that these errors will increase.

Data migration should be viewed as an opportunity to fix bad data.

Just like you wouldn’t add bad gasoline to your Ferrari, you can set yourself up for success by fixing bad data before revving up your new healthcare system. Don't believe us? Join live and hear first hand how data migration improved patient care for two large and complex healthcare organizations.

Join this discussion on effective data migration, topics including:

  • Understanding that bad data is a reality of every system.
  • How data migration can be an opportunity to find and merge data sources.
  • The structure and security of a rules system to clean and prepare data for migration.
  • An introduction to CareCloud’s proprietary systems and methodology for data migration.

A look into real life medical groups:

Advanced Urology Institute
27 Locations, 60 Providers
Largest Urology Group on the
East Coast

During a previous migration, data was severely mishandled and lots of inaccurate data went into their software. This was because their previous vendor placed the burden of procuring, cleaning, and importing data on their staff, leading to inevitable errors. Learn the proven methodology AUI used to clean/enhance their data during a new migration.


Acuity Eye Group
46 Locations, 72 Providers
Largest Ophthalmology Group in
the U.S.

Acuity Eye Group had one of the most advanced ophthalmology-specific clinical imports and reconciliations with data coming out of multiple EHR Systems. The CareCloud Integration team worked hand-in-hand with the Doctors and subject matter experts at Acuity Eye Group to ensure that as much of the data that was successfully imported into CareCloud.

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