Healthcare Data Migration:

An Opportunity for Success


Bad data is a part of every system. Incorrect data input, duplicate or mismatched entries, missing data fields, non-discrete data inputs and multiple systems all create inefficiencies and billing errors - which can eventually lead to sub-par patient care or worse. Many practices, frustrated with clunky first generation EHRs, fear that data migration will only increase these errors.

Good data is king and the potential of ruining or losing that data by switching EHRs should be a cause of anxiety. But, it’s also an exciting opportunity: data migration holds the opportunity to fix the bad data can hold back any organization, from small practices to complex healthcare groups.

In this FREE e-Book, you will learn how to develop a successful data migration plan, including:

In-House vs. Outsourced Medical Billing

  • How data migration can be an opportunity to find and merge data sources
  • The structure and security of a rules system to clean and prepare data for migration
  • The importance of choosing a vendor who claims responsibility for data conversion
  • What a typical migration plan looks like
  • An introduction to CareCloud’s proprietary systems and methodology for data migration


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