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Sarah Hughes, Director of Product Management at CareCloud

Sarah Hughes

Director of Product Management at CareCloud

Sarah Hughes is a product leader who believes great design means great business. She has a passion for helping others deliver awesome products to delight users. Having worked on both sides of the healthcare software spectrum, both with physicians developing an ACO, as well as in the healthcare technology space, Sarah works at CareCloud to help realize the vision of superb patient experience across the platform.


Daniel Sabido, Director of Product Marketing at CareCloud

Daniel Sabido

Director of Product Marketing at CareCloud

Daniel Sabido has over a decade of experience working with leading organizations to identify, understand, and adapt to changing market environments as a consultant and marketer. He brings a global perspective, having worked in both the U.S. and U.K. healthcare markets, and a record of driving clear, actionable recommendations for his clients.

Do you wish you could offer over the counter products for patients, but think setting up a retail operation is too expensive and complex? Or maybe you already offer patients items like creams, insoles, or other useful products - but have to use an off-the-shelf system that is completely isolated from the rest of your practice.

In addition to delighting your patients through Breeze with the best appointments, check-in and payments experience in healthcare, you can now offer retail products anytime, from anywhere - all in the same modern experience. 

During this webinar, you’ll learn how retail opportunities can delight your patients and open up new opportunities for growth for your practice. We’ll detail how a fully-integrated retail platform, accessed in Breeze and tied into CareCloud Central PM, makes managing new retail opportunities easier than you ever thought possible. 


In this webinar, you will be introduced to new eCommerce opportunities including:

  • The patient driver for retail: convenience. 
  • The benefits of running a retail component to your practice.
  • How to easily manage eCommerce and in-store retail through the same Breeze patient experience used for appointments, check-in, payments, and documents.
  • Enterprise-grade healthcare specific features of the retail experience for patients and practices.
  • Seamless integration of eCommerce directly into CareCloud Central PM.

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