New Medical Practice Checklist


Launching a new medical practice can be intimidating. There are many important decisions and key items to get in place before your opening day. If you've never run your own practice before, the path ahead may seem a little daunting. But with the proper planning, clear-cut goals, and a concrete timeline you'll be set to hit the ground running. 

We’ve compiled a New Medical Practice Checklist outlining the items that are key to jump starting your new practice, everything from business planning and entity setup to staffing and marketing needs. 

Start by taking a look at what it takes to get your practice off the ground.In-House vs. Outsourced Medical Billing

You'll learn about:

  • Business Planning and Entity Setup
  • Office Setup and Staffing
  • Medical Credentialing and Hospital Privileging
  • Equipment and Technology
  • And much more!


Download the Checklist