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Developing a Practice Performance Dashboard

How to prioritize, distill and communicate critical practice data

Meet the Presenter

Kay Coulson

Kay Coulson

President at Elective Medical Marketing

Kay is founder and principal of Elective Medical Marketing, a consultancy that helps medical practices grow their elective service lines. Her practical guidance for administrators and surgeons has made her a thought leader, author and keynote speaker for elective medical practices worldwide.

Today’s practice administrator is suffocating under a mass of data. If you’ve struggled with developing succinct reports that convey financial, marketing and patient experience results for your team and doctors, this on-demand webinar is for you.

How will Performance Dashboards help you?

In this on-demand webinar, Kay will provide instruction on how to build one-page dashboards for financial, marketing and patient experience results which help your team clearly see and understand what's working and where improvement is needed.

Designed for practice administrators, center directors and physicians, this webinar will help you distill reams of data from internal practice management & financial reporting systems, and identify online tools that allow you to capture and report key data about your practice, competition and market.

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn:  

  • To structure financial, marketing and patient experience dashboards
  • To use your practice management and EHR systems for practice growth
  • To implement online tools for staff monitoring, marketing effectiveness and competitive insight.
  • Receive free templates for the dashboards presented.