The Patient Experience Management Playbook


The healthcare industry is increasing its focus on patient engagement strategies, which right now often amounts to getting patients signed up to use a portal or rolling out a telemedicine program. And yet, portal adoption and usage remains low. By focusing on the idea of connecting with patients around a limited selection of solutions, patient engagement has not paid its expected dividends.

Patient experience management (PXM) is an emerging category of solutions that represent the sum of all experiences a patient has within their healthcare journey. In this eBook, we will show how these PXM solutions are finally helping practices see dividends through convenience, loyalty and revenue. 

In our PXM Playbook, we breakdown ways for you to improve the patient experience across each stage of the patient journey from pre-visit to post-visit:


  • An Introduction to Patient Experience Management (PXM) and why it matters
  • Best practices on adopting a PXM strategy successfully
  • Insights for all aspects of the patient journey: pre-visit, check-in, encounter, check-out and post-visit
  • Strategies to reduce patient churn


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