Client Spotlight on Rosemead Eye Center
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New Practice takes off with 21st Century Software and Service that saves time and money

Dr. Elson Lai, a board-certified eye physician and surgeon, studied and trained in Chicago and Texas before returning to southern California in 2014 to start his own practice, Rosemead Eye Center. Unimpressed by the outdated systems at the practice he first worked for, he reflects, “I knew I wanted to go a different route.” Before opening the doors of his practice, finding a modern cloud-based system was one of his top priorities.

dermasscLPimage.pngIn this case study, learn how selecting an easy-to-use practice management software and a cost-effective revenue cycle management service enabled Rosemead Eye Center to:

  • Collect an outstanding 98% of all possible revenue
  • Save on staffing costs and increase productivity
  • Access modern software from anywhere on Macs®, iPads® and iPhones®
“CareCloud goes after every penny for you. I did a lot of number-crunching and it's cheaper to have CareCloud handle this work than hire in-house staff. ”

– Dr. Elson Lai, Rosemead Eye Center, California



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