Client Spotlight on South Georgia Primary Care
CareCloud Concierge + CareCloud breeze + CareCloud Charts EHR


Modern, integrated solution helps support practice growth

Dr. Rachel Glass runs a steadily growing pediatric practice in South Georgia, where putting patients first means more than just having a play area. Breeze, the revolutionary patient experience platform from CareCloud, helped South Georgia Primary Care reduce check-in time by 18-22 minutes and improve patient care with instant access to intake answers in the chart.

South Georgia Primary Care In this case study, learn how Breeze, integrated with CareCloud’s RCM & EHR solutions, helped improve practice performance, including:

  • Saving 18 minutes per new patient check-in
  • Reducing existing patient check in to less than 2 minutes
  • Posting intake directly to patient charts to improve quality of care
  • Eliminating 15 minutes of administrative overhead per patient
  • Reduced claim denials by eliminating transcription errors

“CareCloud has supported our greater patient volume. We’ve had the right tools and support to help scale the practice with ease.”

– Practice Manager at South Georgia Primary Care

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