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Staffing in the New Medical Economy
Are You Leveraging the Right People?

Meet the Presenters


Patti Peets

Senior Director, Revenue Cycle Management at CareCloud

Patti is the Director of Revenue Cycle Management for CareCloud. An expert in revenue cycle management (RCM) with more than 20 years of experience, Patti works closely with medical practices to improve business processes and results.


Polly Friend

Senior Director, Clinical Strategy at CareCloud

Polly Friend is a Registered Nurse who has over 23 years of healthcare experience. She brings strong business acumen supported by several years of progressive sales support and leadership roles. Polly is recognized as an ambulatory market expert and an innovative leader in the highly competitive healthcare industry. 

Strategies to put in place the right people, processes, and tools to drive practice growth.

Today’s medical practices spend more and more time trying to get paid. Tracking codes, transcribing forms and remitting payments have created an administrative and clinical burden that is leading to dissatisfied staff and burned out assistants. In order to improve performance and grow in this increasingly challenging environment, practices need to focus on how they are using their current staff, what roles and processes should really be, and focusing on value-driving activities rather than manual administrative work.

This new world of healthcare requires innovative staffing models that reflect the tie between reimbursement and delivering value to patients. We will examine how to attract and incentivize staff to focus on the patient experience. We’ll detail how a fully integrated platform can streamline clinical encounters and provide the modern processes and tools to allow your staff to assume valuable roles in patient experience management.


In this webinar, you will be introduced to the unique staffing challenges of the new medical economy including:

  • The changing expectations of the Millennial workforce
  • How to attract and incentivize staff to drive key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • How the clinical and administrative burden associated with changes in reimbursement are impacting practice staff
  • How to realign staff to focus on revenue-generating tasks that deliver value
  • A look at choosing the right tools and processes to support patient-focused staffing model.

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