Staffing in the New Medical Economy


Medical groups today find themselves at the very center of a rapidly changing medical economy. With increasing payer complexity, the administrative and clinical burden associated with tracking codes, transcribing forms and remitting payments is leading to dissatisfied staff and burned out providers.

This new world of healthcare requires innovative staffing models, tools and processes that reflect the balance between reimbursement and delivering value to patients. This e-book will help you determine if you have the right staff in the right roles - and how to keep your staff incentivized to focus on the patient experience.

In this ebook, we’ll look at a number of different strategies to tackle the unique staffing challenges of the new medical economy, including:

Staffing in the New Medical Economy

  • The new realities of value-based care
  • A systematic approach to evaluate staffing
  • Managing the transformation of staffing models
  • Using cloud-based technology to support patient-focused staffing models


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