Client Spotlight on The Foot Group

Integrated Platform Brings Efficiency to Specialty Practice


Heart & Vacular Institute

When "frustrated" is the first things that comes to your mind when talking about your PM and outsourced billing, you know it's time for a change. Five years ago, frustration brought the Foot Group to CareCloud, who helped fix all the unresolved billing issues and achieve a 95% revenue realization rate - and today, the results continue to speak for themselves. 


In this case study, learn how the CareCloud Platform, including the latest Breeze PXM solution, helped Dr. Scanlon drive deep practice efficiencies,  including:

  • 1 hour saved per day on paperwork
  • 96.3% FPRR
  • 18% reduction in patient no-show rate
“I can't hire enough people to do what you guys do. It's impossible. And physicians like me can't keep up.”

– Dr. Karla Scanlon, DPM, The Foot Group

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