Client Spotlight on Vanguard Rheumatology


How a Flexible Solution Supports Practice Profitability


Heart & Vacular Institute

Several years ago, Vanguard Rheumatology turned to CareCloud hot on the heels of an expensive and frustrating experience with a competing EHR + PM solution. The goal then was to get practice profitability back on track. Fast forward to today, Vanguard has continued to rely on CareCloud solutions to optimize practice profitability, streamline clinical encounters, reduce administrative overhead and scale the billing as the patient population has grown.


In this case study, learn how the CareCloud Platform (EHR + PM + RCM) has delivered consistent results at Vanguard, including:

  • 10-15 minutes saved per clinical encounter
  • Total collections up 23% in the past year
  • FPRR of 97%
  • 58.8 CMS/QPP Quality Score
“CareCloud’s forte is in managing your finances. I can’t sacrifice on that.”

– Dr. Carlos Sesin, M.D., Vanguard Rheumatology

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