Do Release of Information Requests cost your organization time and money?

We can help. 

As your ROI provider, we take full responsibility for maintaining compliance when releasing medical information, regardless of who is requesting.

At No Cost To Your Practice

Our services come at no cost to you as a provider. We process all your requests and arrange payment directly from the requester per each state statute for release of information. 

A Simple, Robust Platform

Simplified Workflow Process

  • A Single hub to track and manage all ROI requests efficiently


  • HIPAA and HITECH compliant network for Protected Health Information (PHI)

System Compatible

  • Seamlessly integrates with your PM, EHR, and other Healthcare systems


  • All transactions are documented in the patient chart for disclosure and tracking. 

Customer Service and Follow Ups

  • As your ROI provider, our staff handles all customer service inquiries, requests for balances, etc., relieving your medical records department from handling these inquiries. 

Experience the Difference

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