Are manual processes costing your organization?

Automate Error-Prone RCM Tasks with Microbots 

Microbots are digital assistants that accelerate your back-office efficiencies. 

Robotic Process Automation for RCM Success 

Leverage RPA solutions in areas such as 

  • Claim status
  • Authorization Confirmation
  • Denial Management 
  • Timely Filing Alert
  • Self-Pay Eligibility
  • Contractual Payments
  • Health Wellness Check
  • Real-Time Adjustments
  • Medical Record Update


Your army of digital assistants accelerates your RCM and helps you…


Maximize Revenue

  • Automation prevents your claims from falling through the cracks
  • Microbots crawl your open claims, manage denials, and perform automatic adjustments to ensure settlements and reimbursements are received on time, every time. 

Improve Efficiency 

  • Leveraging microbots allows you to eliminate human errors and bypass time constraints.
  • With an average processing speed of 10.5 seconds per claim and eligibility check, microbots collect every dollar faster.

Reduce Cost

  • Automate routine tasks that take up much of your staff’s time so they can focus on revenue-generating activities. 
  • Digitizing tedious activities gives you up to a 50% reduction in follow-up time.

Experience the Difference

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