Telehealth Redefined
How Medical Practices Can Thrive in a Post-COVID Standard of Care

CareCloud, Inc.

Telehealth would no longer be considered as an emerging category of solutions in the healthcare industry. However, with a global pandemic disrupting our personal and professional lives, the industry is increasing its attention to telehealth for providing continuous care. Almost overnight, telehealth became a requirement in the new standard for care.

As we navigate through the changes and begin to pave what the new normal looks like, telehealth remains to be a key software feature that should be included in every practice’s business strategy moving forward.

In this white paper, CareCloud breaks down how medical practices can improve their telehealth strategies:

COVID-19 Telehealth White Paper
  • Insights on the telehealth landscape before and after COVID-19
  • Best practices on how to successfully assess and adopt a telehealth solution 
  • Introductory insights into regulation changes and reimbursement 

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