Client Spotlight on US Physiatry


Physician Group Leverages Platform to Scale Growth


Heart & Vacular Institute

US Physiatry (USP) is the largest and fastest growing group of physiatrists, thanks in part to the support provided by CareCloud. As USP grew, paper-based billing workflows were causing days sales outstanding to bloat. Switching to CareCloud helped provide USP a solid financial backbone to help physiatrists get paid faster - and more - than ever before.


In this case study, learn how USP leveraged CareCloud to drive profitability and growth including:

  • 6% first pass resolution rate (FPRR), up from 70% before CareCloud
  • 93 days knocked off days sales outstanding (DSO)
  • 127% growth in patient volume
“When I first fill out a claim, there’s a 99% chance it submits successfully.”

– Tanner Hynes, VP of Operations for US Physiatry

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