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Guide to Cures Act & Interoperability:
2022 Compliance Preparedness 

CareCloud, Inc.

Is your medical group prepared for the 2022 Cures Act updates? Let’s prepare together! 

With some Cures Act regulatory rules going into effect as early as this April, the future of healthcare interoperability is here. We want to make sure you’re in compliance. 

Join us for our live webinar, “Guide to Cures Act and Interoperability: Compliance Preparendness for 2022”  on February 3rd at 12 PM EST. CareCloud’s SVP of Strategy, Al Nardi, and VP of Engineering, Angelo Perrotta, will walk you through: 

  • Cures Act Updates for 2022 

  • Benefits of Interoperability 

  • Barriers for Interoperability 

  • Solutions to implement 

This webinar session is designed to help practices like yours prepare for optimizing operations in the new year, including: 

  • Optimizing Your Practice Operations 

  • Reducing Leaks in RCM 

  • Establishing Revenue-Generating Processes 

  • Resolving Staffing Challenges 



Al Nardi
SVP of Strategy,
CareCloud, Inc.      



Angelo Perrotta
VP of Engineering,



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