Patient Experience Management

Defining a New Healthcare IT Category


How Will Improving Patient Experience Drive Your Practice's Performance?

2017 Practice Experience Index - Delivering Patient-Centric Care in the New Medical Economy
Patient experience management (PXM) is an emerging category that represents the sum of all experiences a patient has within their healthcare journey. More than just patient portals or telemedicine, the driver of PXM is to deliver convenience - for patients, but also for staff and providers.


In this white paper, learn why PXM offers a fresh perspective on the patient experience, including:

  • The latest trends in value-based care and its impact on your bottom line
  • How to meet the shifting expectations of patients
  • How PXM can pay back dividends in practice efficiency
  • A framework to build your own PXM strategy
  • How an open patient experience platform should support your PXM strategy every step of the way

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